Water meter chambers of Ø1200 - Ø3000 diameter

The standard meter chamber is adapted to mounting a water meter in it. You can select a chamber already equipped with a water meter.

Water meter chambers of the SZAGRU type are monolithic. On the lateral surface they have watertight couplings ensuring watertight connections of the inlet and outlet pipes. The location of the couplings is determined by the local conditions of the project. The water meter chambers are made entirely from high density polyethylene HDPE.

Ring stiffness of the manufactured water meter chambers ranges from 2 to 8 kN/m2 selected depending on the chamber’s depth and ground conditions. The appropriate ring stiffness ensures complete resistance even in areas susceptible to mining-induced damage. A specially designed anti-buoyancy device located between the invert and the base of the chamber, after filling it with concrete, ensures stability of the chamber in the ground. Chambers whose diameter is Ø1000 mm or more are equipped with step irons. Each chamber is custom-made according to client’s specifications regarding its dimensions.

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