Tank renewal

SZAGRU offers tank lining services with the use of an HDPE, PP sheet or geomembrane in order to watertight the tank or protect its walls against an aggressive medium stored within. The tanks may be cylinder or cuboid shaped constructions installed above ground or underground. We line new concrete, masonry, steel tanks, but we also offer tank renewal services.

The process consists in anchoring a plastic sheet to the tank walls, bottom and roof by means of wall plugs or power actuated fasteners. The anchoring elements are sealed to ensure watertight connections. The plastic sheets are extrusion welded. Any pipelines and stub-outs of the tank are sealed to ensure watertight connections.

Prior to lining the tank we place a layer of geotextile to compensate for any surface irregularities. If there are any larger cavities or cracks in the surface, we level them before lining the tank.

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