SZAGRU Pipe Studzienice, diameter range: DN600 – DN3500 and ring stiffness: SN1 - SN8.

Twin-wall structured pipes SZAGRU PIPE Studzienice, of a diameter range DN600 – DN3500 (SPS 600 – SPS 3500 type) and ring stiffness of SN1 - SN8.

Owing to its unique technology of production the SZAGRU PIPE Studzienice can be used in the following applications: ventilation, gravity sewer systems, as separator shells, retention tanks, lift stations, manholes and water meter chambers and other – non-standard products.

A wide range of diameters in connection with customised ring stiffness allows to select a product of optimal parameters, which subsequently leads to a decreased purchase and transport costs.

Please click on the following link to see how a twin-wall structured SZAGRU PIPE Studzienice is manufactured.


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