SZAGRU Crash rail

The SZAGRU crash rails are devices for wall protection, fixture and corridor protection, in shop floors, warehouses, stores. They can also be used on loading ramps and as dividers. The main role of crash rails is to increase the level of safety in places of their application.

They are composed of yellow/orange polyethylene pipes of 200 mm diameter. Thanks to using PE pipes the wall protection systems are flexible and corrosion resistant.
Crash rails can also be covered with engineer grade reflective tape.

Crash rails are floor/wall mounted with mounting brackets made of 10mm thick steel sheet with four holes for 12mm diameter anchor bolts. Particular elements of the system are available in standard sizes, but their height and length can be custom-adapted to specific requirements.

Crash rails mounted in your facility will help to protect your transport devices from damage.

They also protect walls and fixtures against damage caused by shipping pallets. Structural elements are therefore impact-protected.
The simple mounting of the system as well as its modular design allows to configure the system to suit any needs.

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