Oil/ water separators with nominal flow rate from Q=1l/s to Q=200l/s

Standard products we manufacture range from 1[l/s] – 200[l/s]

Oil/water separators are used to treat rainwater from catchments prone to hydrocarbon pollution. Typically, they are used in: petrol stations, transport depots, car service stations.
Hydrocarbons present in stormwater presents a serious threat of polluting the environment by contamination of surface and ground waters. Those deposited pollutants such as petrol, diesel, greases and sludge are flushed away during rain events, collected from impermeable surfaces and will be concentrated within the drainage systems and are often discharged to aquatic ecosystems with little or no treatment.

Hydrocarbon contamination of aquatic resources may result in disturbed functioning of biological wastewater treatment plants as well as increase the fire risk of sewer systems. Accidental runoffs cause damage to aquatic ecosystems.
An oil/water separator retains oil and solids from the sewage discharged from petrol stations, car washes, garages, transport depots and all types of car parks. Solids are separated from wastewater in the process of gravitational settling at the bottom of the first chamber – a sludge chamber. The separated oil particles float on the surface and should be removed as soon as they reach the acceptable level. The maximum oil content (with density of 0.85 kg/l) in the effluent after the separation process is under 5 mg/l of water.

An oil/water separator does not require maintenance.

The separator is of a compact structure. Its low weight eliminates the need for heavy transport and installation equipment. It is completely watertight, thus the wastewater within it will not run off to the ground or ground water. The separator is made of material resistant to aggressive wastewater, corrosion and vermin. It is an extremely durable product.

We offer 4 types of oil/water separators:

  • gravity separator with a sludge chamber
  • with a lamella clarifier
  • with a lamella clarifier and a sludge chamber
  • with a lamella clarifier and a sludge chamber and automatic closing unit.
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