Inspection chambers/manholes of Ø400 - Ø3500 diameter

These products can be defined as monolithic inspection chambers or manholes made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) of nominal diameters from Ø400 mm to Ø3500 mm (larger diameters available upon request), made with a method of extrusion welding and butt welding. Our manholes can be applied for foul drains, storm sewer systems, subsurface drainage systems, and chemical waste disposal systems.

Our inspection chambers/manholes are made from high density polyethylene HDPE. The advantages of this material are, for example: high resistance to aggressive chemical agents, high abrasion resistance. The inspection chambers and manholes we manufacture have ring stiffness ranging from 2 to 8 kN/m2 selected depending on how deep the pipe is laid and ground conditions. The appropriate ring stiffness ensures complete reliability even in areas susceptible to mining-induced damage. A specially designed anti-buoyancy device located between the invert and the base of the manhole, after filling with concrete, ensures stability of the manhole in the ground. Manholes whose diameter is 800 mm or more have step irons in compliance with requirements set out in the Polish standards and are mounted in a PN-B-10729:1999 compliant manner.

All components of the manholes i.e. the base with an invert or a flat bottom, the chamber section and the manhole cover are finally joined by extrusion welding, which ensures a leak-tight and reliable construction. Each manhole is custom-made according to client’s specifications.

SZAGRU type manholes are maintenance-free.
The manufacturer provides a 12-month guarantee for the product and guarantees that the delivered products are free from manufacturing defects.

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