• Certificate of Conformity no. CZ/2461/2014 for polyethylene fittings, issued by Central Mining Institute (GIG)
  • Technical Approval ITP no. AT/18-2012-0045-01 for flap valves, approved for use in drainage system construction.
  • Hygienic Approval HŻ/C/01293/11 water storage tanks of volume range 200 – 200 000 l, for drinking water, issued by the National Institute of Hygiene
  • Hygienic Approval HŻ/C/01142/11 for polyethylene sheets and rods, issued by the National Institute of Hygiene.
  • Hygienic Approval HK/W/0620/01/2009 for fittings, issued by the Communal Hygiene Department.
  • Certificate for manufacturing non-pressure tanks made from thermoplastics for storage of hazardous toxic substances issued by the Office of Technical Inspection, Katowice branch.
  • Technical Opinion issued by GIG concerning the use of PE manholes spirally reinforced with PE pipes manufactured by Szagru Sp. z o.o. in areas of mining activity.
  • Technical Opinion issued by GIG No. 89/10 concerning meeting the requirements for usage of horizontally-oriented HDPE tanks in mining areas.
  • Technical Approval IBDiM AT/2011-02-2685 for SZAGRU polyethylene tanks (HDPE), issued by the Road and Bridge Research Institute